I want to resue waspi’es duck from a full on neck ringing…please help me save it…

he looks like his name should be TIM…TINY TIM…

and am setting up a save the tim fund…

please help me…tim looks so happy being alive…


Quite happy to donate some oranges and a baister:w00t:

I love a bit of Duck me;)

Eat it! Let’s all eat it!

I think Wasp should post pictures of Tim alongside recent newspapers to prove to us that he is still alive. In the meantime we can negotiate and discuss possible ransom demands.

Food glorious food!!!

Save Tim’s fluffy friend’s mental state! He/She is the real victim here! :crazy:

Eat that one too:)

ROFL :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone for Crispy duck?

Hmmm. Orange, Calvados and some duck all together in a nice big pot with a few veggies.

Sounds lovely, send us a PM when it’s ready:)

Nah got to be shredded with hoisin sauce wrapped in a pancake mmmmmmmm:D

Sounds very good too:)

Does doesnt it…shame ive got steak for tea tonight!:stuck_out_tongue:

Me, me, me ;):smiley:

All this talk of food has made me very hungry!

crispy duck in pancakes yummy :slight_smile: