Saturday Surgery

On this weekend. Come and get your bits fettled. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me play in yer sand-pit Tim:) Hope getting yer ramp clamp fettled wasn’t too traumatising :ermm: Good to see Timmy Fox too. x

I wasn’t feeling too clever yesterday, got home and collapsed on the sofa with flu-like shivers and sweats. Always nice to see you two though, you forgot to take your tupperware from the week before :wink:

As it turns out we got Tim’s bike up on the ramp just in time…During his last tyre change the mechanics did his rear spindle up so tight they completely stripped his spindle nut. The threads came out like a helicoil, it was only muck and oil holding the thing on :w00t:

Only a chap from Watford would call a plastic takeaway box Tupperware:D Count it as a pressie, you could use it as a secondary biscuit box - hidden away from Dan:Whistling: