Saturday AM runout?!

According to the weather man -

Saturday is going to be lovely. So with that in mind who fancies an early morning run out to Box Hill? Meet down near parliament and then head over that way? Not a pacey run as I’m on my Varadero 125 but would rather do it with company than on me todd :slight_smile:

Am thinking 9am start.

Gonna be at the ace from 10:45 test riding an RSV :slight_smile:

git! :stuck_out_tongue:

im not sure if im working yet so where you meeting as i could be there.

oh aprillia day! see ya there!

Ian - check your diary buddy - Italian day is Sunday the 4th May :Whistling:

This post is for Saturday :wink:


I’m there at 4.15pm for the Mille factory - hope you don’t bend it!!

This is the free test ride an aprillia day - not the italian bike meet

They must be there all weekend then as I checked the Ace website and they are advertising test rides on Sunday too :cool:Sadly cannot make the Italian day this year :crying:

Hehe no it is the saturday, I checked me email! And dont worry Eric, all the factorys were booked so I am just on the standard…so it doesnt matter (apart from my credit card :w00t: ) if I bend it…

Ian -same running gear as my T then - I am sure you will love it buddy !!

Be prepared to sell your soul :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m booked on the rsvr factory on sunday @ 12.15 - there running both days (bet its phucked by the time i get on it!!!)

I’ll be there tomorrow also, testing the factory RSV & Tuono :wink:

Tuono is THE most fun you will have on two wheels Grim - enjoy :wink:

Thanks, I am waiting to be converted :DI haven’t ridden a small bike for a while ;):Whistling:

You WILL be converted Grim - proper bike , not one of these " hyperspeed sofas " :P:P

Hmmm can’t decide now… I think I’d prefer the rideout seeing as I already have the Tuono F :stuck_out_tongue:

T.Doc - what time at parliament??? I’m only coming for that tea you owe me :wink:

Anyone else?

I’m up for a ride out tomorrow, where were you boys thinking of heading to?

Well I reckon leave from near parliament about 9 ish and head to box? PM me if you’re coming :slight_smile:

PM waiting for you

This is where we’ll be about 9 - 9:30 ish :slight_smile:,-0.124261&sspn=0.006705,0.014377&ie=UTF8&ll=51.510986,-0.116644&spn=0.026816,0.057507&z=14&iwloc=addr