Saturday 7th April ride west london

Anyone around saturday - I am planning fairly fast ride blow off some cobwebs on the gixxer. :smiley: destination irrelevant, country lanes and probably a pub break somewhere

Setting off point, time.:kiss:


hi Chris hope the hand is ok - off to Orpington to get a new key coded for the bike now as been meaning to do it for ages :slight_smile:

So no more info? :frowning:

I`m gay.:blush:

Lost in the Orpington singularity?

did this ride out happen or was it only for a select few who can read the code?

No idea…for some reason I had the idea it was in the afternoon!

sorry guys was just seeing if anyone was around - not a rideout as such just wanted another bike for company. Plans have changed anyways - have fun !

Who’s out today then?