Saturday 2.2.13 A ride to crack yer nuts.

nice shiney new stainless downpipes…ooh suits you sir !!

even went mad and got new discs

wont forget to put the bits back on…Im not Rosso doncha know :smiley:

Have a good day all. Gorgeous day out… :smiley:

Please don’t crack any nuts :slight_smile:

Cracking day out, no nuts cracked or pigeons sacrificed :smiley:

Many thanks to Chris for leading, Tim for tail gunning and all for great company :slight_smile:

Heated socks wouldn’t of been a bad idea…

Some lovely roads and bends!

Big thanks to lorry that must of shed it’s load of ‘crap’ :crazy: on one stretch! We all survived that surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

Peroni time I think :wink:

Did I miss some thing???

Yeah was a good day out Frank, cheers chris for leading, timR(hot hands) for tail gunning, janey for getting her tats out at lunch time,and frank for coffe. just about thawed out now, nothing like a big pile of sh1t to slow you down eh:D:D till next time ride safe.

Lovely day out, 230 miles of fun in the sun and then it got dark.:smiley:

Thanks to Tim and Jane for tailgunning and Robert for coming to see us off from the Ace.:slight_smile:

Planning the route:-

There was no plan, so I threw two ideas in the air and the crew picked Sammy Millars for lunch in the New Forest, clearly swayed by recollections of waitresses they remembered.

The crew:-


Dorsal gunner.

Bomb aimer.


Ground crew.

Conditions were good but after overflying Windsor Great Park a leaky pilots bladder forced a touch down at Tesco Wokingham.

Back on track things went well until spooked by a low covering of manure on a bend on the A339 north of Alton we diverted to the Departure Lounge Cafe for a second breakfast.

A crew de-brief revealed our Dorsal gunner wanted to see Portsmouth, so being an inclusive bunch we struck south for Fort Nelson.

Original mission aborted, we headed north west to Andover, then Newbury before a tree top flight up the infamous Wantage twisties for a well deserved Costa Coffee break.

Wantage ground crew checking for damage.

Tailgunner in photo reconnaissance mode.

At this point our Dorsal gunner not happy with previously diverting our flight plan, went AWOL leaving us with a dangerously unprotected night flight to our dispersal areas.:blink:

Big thanks to all the crew, even the Dorsal gunner, hope to fly with you again soon.


Any more Pics?
I particularly want to see the one of me getting my knee down while riding a large projectile north of Portsmouth.
Jane get it downloaded and posted.:smiley:


LOL! Good day had by all!

LOL :smiley:

Great pics !

Great one :slight_smile: /me jealous


ps. Jetstream, thx for tip about shop that was spot-on.

I think I’ve just about thawed out now! A big Thank You to everyone for another cracking rideout, even if I was being a girly wuss and getting chauffeur driven for the day :blush:

Who’s got the GTR? We got rid of our’s in 1992!

That be Fuggly

who else would own a ancient lumbering kwak …

She’s only a year younger than the zzr :stuck_out_tongue:

92 … cor thats a year after mine was born !!

It did look like your kind of machine, only in better condition! :slight_smile:

We have fond memories of the GTR, Jackie’s was grey. It took us two up all over the UK. Unfortunately the running costs were too high for for us one we bought our home and interests rates when lunatic.

I have probably still got the Kawasaki Workshop manual, complete with oily thumb prints, somewhere.