Saturday 2.2.13 A ride to crack yer nuts.

Depart the Ace 9.30 am

Full tanks and empty bladder obligatory.

No nobbers, 125`s or preconceptions.

Harleys, BMWs, KTMs, Italian exotica and Reliant Robins welcome.

A ride to seek the essence of motorcycling on a quintessential route is all but guaranteed.

Coffee stop, lunch stop with tottie, afternoon tea.

Weather looks cold but dry for Sat.

damn it! a saturday Jetsteam rideout and I gotta work!

think I might be starting to feel a bit peeky. Must be some mystery virus, lasts a couple of days. lots of it going about at the moment isn’t there!?!:sick:

Sore throat, swollen glands, suspected mumps.

Sore throat, swollen glans, suspected STD.

must have been as a result of that trip on jetstream airlines.:sick:

I’ll be in Bavaria this weekend

Only might ?? If Art aint tailgunning it might be safe to join :slight_smile:

Between 3 and 5 degrees and 40% chance of rain, I think I’ll wait another week :frowning:

best put bike back together…missing out on rides and feeling the need for speed :crying:

Why’s it in bits this time? :ermm:

(& Don’t forget to put all the bits back on - can’t be too careful at your age):smiley:

Spot on, I think I’m ok for this, i’m not drinking Friday night :smiley:

Unfortunately I will be away on Sat on wedding stuff, otherwise it would have been a yes from me!

shame its on saturday, I’ll be at ballet …

Is this still happening? I may be able to go but will only be able to confirm in the morning. If so, will try and get there for 0930hrs

Try to make it !!!

Sorry, see you Monday at the Ace

Just leaving the cotswolds, hope to see ya @ the ace…

Nice one Jamie, I was just about to leave then noticed 9.30 depart…:Whistling:

Lovely morning, sun is out, sky is blue.:cool:

DayFromUntilTempFeelsRai/SnoIntCloudDirSpeedPressure0°cWeatherConf.Sat 2 Feb9:0011:593 °c-1 °c0.0 mm
0 %14-22 mph1019 mb446 m
12:0014:594 °c0 °c0.0 mm
3 %11-21 mph1021 mb573 m
15:0017:594 °c-4 °c0.0 mm
23 %7-15 mph1024 mb571 m
18:0020:59-1 °c-4 °c0.0 mm
83 %5-9 mph1025 mb8 m
21:0023:59-1 °c-4 °c0.0 mm
85 %6-10 mph1025 mb27 m

Damn my concience. really should have pulled a sickie today, perfect conditions, roads are sticky and dry, would much rather be on this than at work! enjoy the ride peeps.