Sat Navs

how do these work with downloading map updates?
Basically what I mean is if I buy the Europe XXL (like I want to) and plug it into my PC, will it tell me to get lost cos it’s been registered by someone else?

No… Simply download the software. Plug it in. Fill out the form or login to your account. add device to your account.

If your using multiple devices you can’t have more than one device to one account. I’ll do that for you if you want. Just meet me somewhere with WiFi.

daniel… I’ll take the go720 off you when Im back in London in a week or so :slight_smile:

Check your PMs Jamie

Stock updated

r these all car ones?

Yeah they are but all the above models are sold.

I only have a Tomtom Start 25 and Tomtom Start

New stock. See 1st post.

Hey Daniel,

any of these come with a 3.5mm headphone jack or bluetooth connectivity? I wouldn’t mind one if I can hear the instructions rather than having to look at the screen.

Cheers buddy.

The Tomtom Go 520 definitely comes with a 3.5mm jack and I think you can also get audio via bluetooth which is most probably why it is a biker’s favourite. Hope this helps.

Also, you can do the itinerary planning like I done on that castle ride out on that device.


Hi i am interested in one with bluetooth that will connect to a scala rider do you have anything like that? ? ? If so where are ya or do you go Ace or Blackheath?

The one that have bluetooth has been sold. When I have one that meets your requirements I’ll PM you

I wish to have a sat nav and will pay in sexual favours I await your call :smiley:

@Captain Slow - I’m always getting what you call ‘sexual favours’ from you for nought so why would I give you a sat nav :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good it is too, it managed to get me in to work this morning. OK, I could have got there on my own but it was nice to have technology on my side and I look forward to a sunny weekend to test it out properly :smiley:

I’m now up and running with satelite assisted motorcycle sense of direction, Daniel even kindly offered to help wire up the power to the bike (although in the end I got my sh#t together and got my screwdriver out) - top man. Expect n00b questions from me about route planning any day now mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad your enjoying it mate. Also, I made a little tutorial that I put up on another thread. Find it below:

To check if a Tomtom can do the route planning all you have to do is:
Go into the Tomtom menu Click on Navigate ToClick on the ‘>’ symbol for the next pageIf the Tomtom has yellow kind of arrow symbols saying ‘Itinerary’ then the device can be used for route planning and the file format you will need is .itn.
The websites you will need to do this are:
Google Map - You will need to make your map as usual and if you want to take a specific route just drag the blue line created until you see a white dot (waypoint) as shown below
Original Suggested route:

View Larger Map

My customised route with the way point

View Larger MapThen to convert the route to the .itn file you need a converter is used. There are plenty of online ones that can be used. One that I find good is Houghi. To add the route to your Tomtom you will need to: Go to My ComputerDouble click on the Tomtom icon which appears when the Tomtom is plugged into computer modeFind the 'itn' folderCopy and paste the .itn file into that folder TIP: To make it easier for your tomtom do not have file names with spaces or special characters. Eg, 'My Ride Out' or 'My Ride Out.' Instead use something like 'MyRideOut'. Also, an itn file will only recognise 48 waypoints so its better to have a part 1, part 2, part 3, etc. Just split them up. Its easier for you when planning anyway.

Hope this helps.

New stock

Sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone know if any of these does route logging or can be converted to do route logging

The XL does route planning.