Sat Nav Installation


I know that I can do this by myself, but I do not have the confidence, or maybe compandance to do this.

Has anyone got any spare time this week, or next weekend to give me a hand doing this?

PM if you can help.


I would be of no use but thought I would post here the suggestion that you mention what model your satnav is, what bike you have, whether you have a 3rd party mounting arrangement and if so what is it, and whereabouts you are.

This is in case someone on this site has experience of installing the same setup, and if they are based near you then you’re laughing.

If you don’t get any offers for help, take a ride up to mine, I’ll happily help. And you’ll probably tempt me into buying one too!!! Can’t be that hard surely…just a lead from the battery to a cigarette style socket mounted somewhere on the frame perhaps? Depends on what gps device you have I guess…:slight_smile:

I’m in nw9 and it is a brand new garmin zumo 550

What motorcycle do you have?

This is what’s involved:

Hardwiring the power chord to the battery which has an inline fuse. You could wire it into the ignition circuit if you wanted to be clever but it’s not necessary. You can clamp the bare wires to the battery bolts or use some nice terminator crimps from Maplin if you want to be neat. When that’s done run the cable through the body work or under a tank hugger to keep it out of the way.

Fitting the ram mount, either by fitting it to the clutch leaver using long bolts (supplied) or fitting a mount round the handle bar tube using a U type clamp (supplied). If neither of the standard mounts suit you can order an alternative one from the internet.

I would offer but I have a tallent for fouling things up. As for a product review, I love my Zumo.

I have an ER6F

I am good with most things, but electronics I usually steer clear of, so actually typing instructions is usually useless, a supervisor would be good.

Yes of course. That was just some notes so someone who can help will be up to speed.

3rd party mounting arrangement .

Are you sure this is what is involved in fitting a satnav?

Perv again:D

Must be missing something here.

What else might it be, Jetstream?

Thank you for all the help and the PM’s that I received. I did manage to get the sat nav fitted last Saturday, thank you very much to my mate who abily assisted myself.

It is really handy when you have all the right tools as well!