Sat nav (for car)

Can anyone recommend a car sat nav for my stepdad in law. It’s his birthday and we want to get him one.

Ideally want one with map updates included and option to pick up traffic. Must be easy to use and ideally have long battery life

Other than that no real requirement.

Budget is c£150ish and no use beyond car…

TomTom GO Basic 6" Halfords £165 includes full Europe lifetime maps. Why worry about the battery life it plugs into and works off a 12v socket anyway. Other TomTom’s available at Halfords from £110

I’m a Garmin person but my Dad has always got on well with TomTom. I firmly believe it’s down to preference. Both work well. If you already use a Garmin or a TomTom it might be wise to get him the same brand that you have as you’ll be the technical support.

Fair point, wherever you ask about Sat Navs it always come down to TomTom vs Garmin and to be perfectly honest there’s very little if anything between what each of them do. I’ve always gone with TomTom seems to be they offer better value but if you’ve gone Garmin get him that,As Joby says you’re probably going to be the tech support on it.

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Yeah I agree it’s always a toss up between tom tom and Garmin

I’ve got both so am happy with either.

Battery life - only mentioned it because I personally hate cables in the car so for a medium trip would be able to do without plugging in, just fix to dash and go

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If there are only travelling in built up areas then a smart phone with Google Maps is excellent. If you are travelling aboard or to areas with spotty cell reception then get a stand alone device.

Personally I prefer Garmin, had to use TomTom at work and they had top end devices. They were horribly slow for the price, and wasn’t impressed.

In my car I use a satnav on planned trips and have a cradle for mobile phone for and hoc trips or when I get lost somewhere…

We thought about a cradle but we want him to start using a sat nav and not rely on his passengers for directions which always goes wrong…