Sat 16th March - It's my birthday and I'll eat cake if I want to

Meet at the Tim Hortons in Watford at 9:00ish for a doughnut breakfast, leaving at 9:30 for some cake stops, returning to St Albansish at 7ish. Should be a shortish and gentle ride 'cause I’ve still got a gammy knee.

Not set on a route yet, probably northwestish; let me know if you’ve any strong opinions.


im in!

I would love to but will be away. Have a good one.

Sorry in France getting muddy :grin:

can I get some post codes! I could be very tempted on this one

Tempted. Also my birthday weekend and had intended to be in the pub by 6ish so might join you for a bit of it.

No postcodes yet, but I think we’ll be heading out up through Buckingham to approximately Moreton in Marsh. Got any strong opinions?

lol meant more start line, not massively bothered about the rest of the day. I’m from the deep dark south, so would not know what roads to use up your way anyways!

I think it is, Cow Ln, Watford WD25 9GP

Have you ever done one of the rides from the shell garage on the Dome roundabout? That is closed for a couple of years for refurbishment. Tim Hortons is opposite in the Sainsbury car park.

Hah, yes, exactly that one - on the Dome Roundabout:

Genuinely gutted to say something has come up which I cannot get out of so I’m not going to be able to come now!

was looking forward to this as well, not had a ride out in a while :frowning: have a good day and raise a piece of cake for me.


I’ll just have to do another one then!

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Sorry folks, daughter is in town. Next time.