whats the nastiest or nicest sandwich/roll you have eaten

nicest = cadbruys cream egg, tunamayo, mayonaise, cranberry sauce, cheese with mayo in, cornded beef, red onion and bbq sausage

Nastiest = peanut butter with marmite on toast(i got it free so cant compain, while delivering to them)

whats yours

The Special -

1 Big Granary bap filled with:

Butter (both sides - no need to scrimp)

Ham - A Tasty German Brunswick ham, or a thick slice of Honey roast… yum

Salami - Good German or Italian Salami, Chorizo if there’s nothing else around.

Crisps - usually McCoys Cheese and Onion or a variation of the Cheesy Nacho/Dorito variety.

Lettuce - Ice Berg

Cheddar - Extra Mature for the tonsil tickling tang

Roast beef - Nice and bloody in the middle (but thin slices, don’t wnat to compete with the ham, just enhance it)

Emmental cheese - a creamy fave (can be replaced with Gruyere, Gouda, or anything else that isn’t packet cheddar)

Onions - white raw…eye-wateringly tasty

Mayonnaise. Dollop of

Black Pepper - fresh crushed, lots

Jalapeno peppers - liberal dose

and a splash of horse radish or mustard to give it some tingle

Never made by a fat mockney plonker…! But well worth the time and effort, slurp! :slight_smile:

Worst - Anything with Advocado or tomato in it… what is with the sandwich world and inappropriate soggy sandwich fillings… TOMATOS DON’T BELONG IN SANDWICHES OK! On the edge if you must eat the ruddy things, BUT STOP MAKING MY BREAD SOGGY WITH THAT NASTY TASTE!

Lots of meat

Favourite: Any bread with Cajun Chicken from Crumpets on Buckingham Gate in Victoria. Same that we do not have an office there anymore :frowning:

Worst: not a big fan of fancy sandwiches, the sort of thing that has twenty filling ingredients. Just keep it nice and simple. The most complicated i’ll do is BLT. Will definitely not do anything with egg, it just doesn’t agree with me.

Fav: fish finger & bbq sauce

Don’t really have a worst. Guess that’s why I’m so fat

Pret’s All day breakfast is a good one, but anything with white bread and thin filling doesnt get eaten…

That’s on helluva sanger there :slight_smile:

I usually stick with cheap and cheerful, tuna mayo or chees and pickle or summat like that.

Subway mmmmm they are nice, but i’ve just had a torpedo roll with honey roast ham and lettuce,tomato,cucumber lots of red onion and decent splash of salad cream…now i feel fat lol:D

Marmite and peanut butter on toast rocks!

A nice bacon sarnie with daddies brown sauce end of subject :slight_smile:

Crusty roll, butter, big slab of mature cheddar, lots of onion. Heaven

fishfingers cheese and treacle !! on crusty wholemeal bread

triple fried egg with chilli sauce and chuckney.

or a nice grilled chicken and spinach n rocket wrap with salsa.


worst ones???

the ones you used to have on school trips that were warm and squashed and smelly


worst ones???

the ones you used to have on school trips that were warm and squashed and smelly

:smiley: You mean egg sarnies that you always ate at the back of the coach on yer own!:smiley:

Good old cheese and pickle.

If I’m “Doing Deli” then its Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Ciabatta;

If I’m at home then it’s Cheese’n’ Pickle or Tuna Mayo

Worst has to be any supermarket/petrol station sweaty sarnie:P yuck!

Mmmmmmmmm Cheese and Pickle, toasted maybe, maybe just a nice soft bap…maybe, deffo.

Dont dis-like it but cucumber sandwhiches???..whats the point…cheese gromit cheese…mmmmmmM

Why dont they make tuna flavoured crisps?

Can sheep swim?

best: Meat.

worse: salad.

I’m with you on this one…followed by a bag of Salt & Vin Crisps and a cup of tea!! :):):slight_smile: