Same oil brand/type but different labels

Bought some oil online. Got sent what looks to be exact same oil but with different labels. I’m sure it’s fine to mix them. But, more out of curiosity, would both be exactly the same?

Most likely just a marketing refresh…

I would. Unless they’ve changed something in the production and it’s written somewhere, not sure how you could tell

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Probably old stock, 10w40 is 5100 by the looks from their website

Isn’t there a product code/oil spec on the label, as long as they match will be fine

Whatever it is, it’ll be better than dirty oil :slight_smile:

An oil thread!!!

It is probably what it says on the label and can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants… May be new packaging or may be different labels for different markets. I looked at Motul 5000 vs Motul 5100 last year and gave up, although I concluded the 5100 was the better oil but couldn’t tell you exactly why. Both come in many grades including 10W30, 10W-40. I settled on the Motul 5000 4T 10W-40 too, on offer from M&P.

Motul 5000 and 5100 are different, how different is beyond my pay grade but different they are, Technical Data Sheets anyone?.

Motul 5000 10W-40 Lubricant for 4 stroke motorcycle engine HC-Tech Technology

Motul 5100 4T 10W-50 High Performance Motorcycle Lubricant Technosynthese® - Ester