SamcoSports Radiator hoses

I seem to have won some Samco Sports radiator hoses in a competition (practical sports bike), however they don’t do a set for my old Fazer 600. So, I’m thinking of just flogging them on. Anyone interested?

Will need to know pretty soon though, as they want to know what bike and what colour I’d like. And would have to be for a bike they currently cover. Get in touch if you fancy them for a knock down price to pimp your bike.

If they do them for 99 sv650S I’ll take you up on it!

Would appear they do :cool:

In Blue please

TBH for the SV650 the hose kits are only around £75, not much really. I’ve had some interest on the Fazer forum, where a FZ1 kit goes for £160 odd. So I’m going to have to let you go on this one I’m afraid, though I’m sure you can understand.

What about 2004 GSXR750 K4 in Orange???

Fair enough