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Sailsbury Dirt Biking 14/11/21

I need to test a route before a Christmas Rideout, and need some guinea pigs to help.
Its about 90 miles long, and aiming at being a beginners run, so should be suitable for most (but knobblies are a must). This is a test run so may get a bit lost, but that part of the fun.

Meeting at 9 in Andover, exact location TBC (need to find somewhere to park a van/trailer), though I’m going the day before to say in a £30 Travelodge (and can do more the day before if anyone wants to)

Route if you don’t want it to be a surprise

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Oh nice! I’d love to. Nice one @Boris. The number of byways in that area are crazy. Have you checked there’s no live fire exercises that day? I wouldn’t want us to become moving fire targets :slight_smile:

Yeah, no live firing over the weekend, been waiting for the mod to announce it, Novembers dates were only posted last week

Would make it more fun tho tbh

Firing a tank is a crazy experience!
Freaking loud and quite nerve wracking!
There’s also a massive shell that gets thrown inside the turret to avoid!

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Okay, don’t be getting any ideas.
Fit some knobblies to your SMC and come!

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Like so?

You know 14th is final MotoGP race? Any chance of doing it weekend after!?

Get some enduro wheels for your SM and come out. That’s what Ben did on his 701 SM

there’s only two weekends in November the army are not blowing up bits of the countryside, and I’m working on the other one.

The great Escape is on the 28th December, and that’s what this is the practice for

Surely you need new brake rotors as well?

I don’t think he changed them.

Also will be a lot of rememberance day parades …

are you coming down in the morning?
and are you in a van?

Meeting at Burbidge bakery for breakfast at 9 (which is where the great escape starts).

It’s possible to use the stock 320mm SM rotor by either putting spacers behind the rotor itself (when using OEM enduro wheels) or using an aftermarket hub. My SM has been dirt setup since 2018 :+1:

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I’ll put knobblies on my MT and come :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I ride through Salisbury Plains on the way from London to my hometown (Devizes). Some of the most fun roads there. Would love to try the byways one day when I can have a more suitable bike!

do it
or better still, get yourself a DRZ

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You’re welcome to borrow my DRZ if you want to go.

Too kind, thank you so much!

I would love to but I’m in Devizes (!!) this weekend for my dad’s birthday and need to drive back on the Sunday. Shame, love your DRZ!

You missed a fun day out, and the chance to watch me fall over twice!

(Stonehenge in the background!)