Safe Motorcycle Parking

Hey guys, I’ve got a real problem with keeping my bike safe.
I had 2 theft attempts and I start to get really tired of protecting what’s mine. At second attempt I managed to get their scouter but I’m still not satisfied.
I cover my bike and I lock it properly but they still trying.
Anyone can recommend a secure garage or parking spot please in Greenwich area?
Thank you!



Unfortunately this is the problem once they have decided they want something. Even if you found a garage there is nothing to say they wouldn’t follow you there then break in to that when no one is around.
At least at home you gave a chance to intervene to defend what is yours.

Sadly this is the case. Your best defence is secrecy. Once they know the bike is there, you can do nothing to stop them. Even if you spend hundreds on the best chain available they need only take an extra battery for their angle-grinder to defeat it.

Years ago I had a GSXR-750 when they were a really hot item. I had a Datatool alarm system fitted, saved the bike a few times.
If you’re parked the road (like me) it’s very difficult to stop any attempt. Best you can hope for is preventing damage, hence a cover, good lock and chain (preferably to a post) and an alarm.
If they’re determined there’s not much else you can do. I read of one chap who heard his alarm who looked out of the window to see 4 guys lifting his bike into the back of a truck then driving off, with the alarm still going.

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