saddam hussein

just phoned saddam hussein, and the ****as hung up

…he wouldn’t accept the reverse charges

thats hilarious!.. i mean, do you have no respect for the dead?

Respect? For a mass murderer? For an animal that gasses his “own people?”

What’s the word I’m looking for?



They should have put a grenade into the hole where they found that coward cowering and been done with it long ago.

Totally dont know why they dragged it out! as Lee Evans puts it ’ Twat ’

nope, no respect for him at all

Is he actually dead???

It could be a ploy…

Nice to see the democracy we are exporting in action …

For the record “we” the great “colalition of the willing” have to managed to killed more people in this “war” than Sadam ever did. Of course one of the grand old ironies is we openly admit to supplying the gas that were in the rockets which the US supplied that were used against the poor souls he murdered. Lets see if accessory charges are coming this way… Of course not.

While i’m glad the guy has been foung guilty ( there was never any doubt of that ) the hyporacy of the whole thing is such a ****ing joke i find it hard to stomach that people in glass houses even dare to throw stones on this one.

And on that note, i’ll get me coat …

luckily I have moved out of the greenhouse