Sad news, Alta Motors closing it's doors


As it can’t find the funding to keep it going. Shame as I thought their bikes would be a good thing to use offroading.


I’m still to find the time to watch the Lydon Poskitt video on this one. but a shame none the less the little I did see looked promising.

Although not over just yet.


hear hear … the british guy doing all the stunting on them was mega as well !


More a parting of companies

Not soon after that report, Harley-Davidson announced that it would be opening its own R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the goal of developing drivetrain technology for electric motorcycles and bicycles.


Tis weird that HD just bought them and ditched them soon after. They seemed to make some good stuff, were featured on Top Gear last season too.


HD has never taken over another brand and not fuked it up
I don’t think they have a real clue


HD can’t even develope a modern engine without therir customers refusing to buy them. Look at the v-rod engine (iirc), modern 4 valve per cylinder water cooled engine.

Customers refused to buy the new bikes.


Without looking into more, this looks like an AquiHire… Buy the company for the talent and then close the company. The talent get incentivised to stay at the new company with stock, etc.


Maybe HD bought the company to acquire specific people and therefore skills. I think that is what Hewlett Packard did with Compaq in the late 80’s, and in doing so, they gained several hundred MCSEs (Microsoft Certified System Engineers) when that was a sort after skill.