Ryvid Anthem’s Affordable EV Bike

Looks interesting:

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I love it! what I really like is the removable battery on many stances two main being, 75miles is enough one way and if I can remove the battery with ease means I can charge it in the office.

And more importantly no stupid labour costs to change batteries…

Hope they come to the UK, as I’ve given up on Alrendo coming here.

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That should be of interest to many commuters, charge it at work for free fuel!

According to the blurb, the battery weighs 65lbs. So, taking it off & carrying it into the office to recharge may not be quite that straight forward.

Related to this, saw Maeving’s pop up in London Bridge station recently. Pretty cool looking with some nice design touches. For a short commuter in town for bumbling along it’s a ok a stylish solution, but the top speed of 45mph made me scratch my head a bit as to why. Anyone had a go on one?

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Knowing that electricity prices are going through the roof, I can imagine many firms might take a dim view in this if loads of people start doing it.
Should this perk by taxed or taken from someone’s pay packet?

The battery does have an integral trolley on wheels to ease the pain

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MCN review with some owners comments MAEVING RM1 (2022 - on) Review | MCN

Ryanair (it would be them, wouldn’t it) famously banned staff from charging their personal phones at the office because they calculated each phone costs the company £50 per annum.

I think it is more likely companies’ health and safety policies would ban it. Germany has now banned e-bikes and e-scooters from all council housing, TfL have banned them from the Tube, because of the incidents of battery fires. No employer is going to want their business insurance invalidated.

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Aye, would need all chargers pat testing before they could be plugged in, which is fair.

What could possibly go wrong?