Rutter wins at Mallory! Who would have thought it!

Here i am sunning myself in Spain on a family holiday when i decide to tune into BSB to catch up with events at Mallory and make sure i have still got the better deal on the weather front. unbelievably i find myself watching with bated breath as the blade takes the lead on slicks and stays there regardless of the busted hand he gained himself in the first race.

Even Shakey couldnt catch him! And some where begining to believe he was infallible!

All faith in the gods of racing restored. Roll on Oulton and LET IT RAIN!



luckily i already saw the races.

was just thinking JEEZE thats a high kerb just as shaky decides to scrape/balance on it


Very pleased about that, he’s a great bloke.

thanks a f***ing bunch !!! guess it was too much for all to keep schtum still gonna watch the recording though :angry:

Fugging marvelous. Thanks for spoiling the result for those of us that havent watched it yet:crazy:

Sorry guys

Didnt think as it was after midnight… thought most race fans would have seen it!

Wont make same mistake twice.