Ruroc lids

What’s the deal with Ruroc lids?
They’re not in any shops so you can’t try them on? Can’t see much safety scheme detail?
They came from winter sports, and the designs are pretty nice looking, not that I’ve ever had any lid that wasn’t matt black !

It seems that according to their website for the UK, they are located in Gloucester and the hats are EC22/05 accredited so legal but there are currently no UK dealers

Probably have to contact them direct, but as you say, not much good if you cannot try on or if you cannot get to the importers to actually try on and look at the quality in more detail.

A mate from ELAM posted his verdict of the Atlas v1.0 on the ELAM online magazine. Have a gander here:

Shoei NXR it is then

I’ve got a Shoei NXR. At 1260g, it’s one of the lightest helmets out there. All of the lining is removeable and it has the emergency release cheek pads. The visor is Pinlock ready too. Fortunately for me, it was also available colour matched to my toy. Cost £299 from Infinity, Hanger Lane. If useful, I also bought the Cardo Freecom 4+ intercom & bluetooth unit at the same time, which got me 20% discount. The staff there were excellent, and even fitted the Cardo unit for me.


Love that Acey. That’s going to be my next lid as well.

(Can I borrow your bike to go with it?)

I still remember the good old days when Shoei would blend the name into the design rather than looking like they’d stuck a sticker on it. Still remember my second xr1100 that was like that…

The motorbike traders/retailers are living in cuckoo land on this imho. I’ve seen guidelines like having to phone up for appointments - no browsing - no or limited testrides.

Who tf buys a lid/bike kit without seeing if it fits? Or a bike without riding it?

Appreciate the need to adapt - but at the end of the day - we are customers and won’t be spending unless we are happy with what we are buying.

They’ll have to change their returns policy and then can’t sell anything unless it’s been sanitised, which could make the product not new anymore.

I have an NXR and it’s great apart from the cost of replacement visors which is daylight robbery. That colour scheme nearly bit not quite matches my Kwak. Black is the new black, or something.

Ruroc will exchange or refund, but return postage at your expense, which, given they have zero shop presence is fucking ridiculous.

Try free fast delivery and free returns.

Got my last two shoeis from them

5 stars for customer service at Sports Bike Shop.

Thirded. I have also needed support from SportsBikeShop on a couple of occasions, and would definitely recommend them.

Sure eezie. I’ll just need a £35k cash deposit, your driving licence, your bike, your car, the deeds to your house, your credit and debit cards with PINs, and your wife.

No problem you can have my wife but don’t be surprised if I don’t bring your Ninja back.


I use Helmet City as they gave a LB discount last time and sent extra cheek pads for nowt

+1 on Sports Bike Shop. Bought all my girlfriend’s gear from them whilst in lockdown (except the helmet). Excellent service, super fast delivery and really easy returns. They send DPD to pick the package up from your door!

@Panagiotis do they let you try the helmet on and return it then? I thought that was a no no for retailers bc they don’t know if you’ve dropped it. Or you mean you try them on somewhere else first?

I don’t see why you can’t try it on and return it (although i havent specifically asked).
Obviously you wouldn’t remove any tags and stickers

Sportbike FAQ
Q. Can I return items if they don’t fit or I change my mind?
A. Yes. You can return any item within 365 days of purchase for an exchange or a full refund. The only items excluded from this are special order items such as exhaust systems.

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Wow 365 days!

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Whoa boy! If you’re thinking of leaving your wife with me and keeping the Ninja, I guess I’m going to need a lot more cash from you :slight_smile: