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OK, so I went running today on my normal 3-mile route (yes, yes, I know) but had to stop at 2 miles and be picked up because I physically couldn’t run anymore. I recently had to bin my old running trainers as they were falling to bits and starting to give me blisters.
So I decided to use my everyday gym trainers. Bad idea. I now have searing pain across my feet and blisters on my blisters. They are not for running at all, they’ve crushed my feet.

So, I appeal to you, fitness fanatics of LB, to suggest decent running trainers on a relatively low budget that go up to size 13/14. I’m not looking for anything flashy, just something that won’t destroy my precious little feet.

Do me well! :slight_smile:

Best to go to a proper running shop like:

They will work out the best shoes for your foot shape/running style.

I’d recommend Adidas, Asics or Reebok. All can be fairly cheap, and I seem to remember Asics being recommended by the Army physioterrorists for orthotic problems.Also, if you are intending to be using these for the longterm training you will be undergoing with the military, you may want to think of spending a little bit more than you originally thought reasonable.
As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”… :wink:

I’m still using the Adidas running shoes I bought in Northern Ireland a little over six years ago! They’re a little bit scraggly now, but they do for the gym, and they’ve been through some pretty aweful terrain when we used to go cross country running! :slight_smile: Edited for additional info… :smiley:

i agree with the specific running shop idea. head there and get them to find you the best shoe for your feet. then before paying make a note of the make and model and have a look on
there prices are generally cheaper then retail plus they also price match.

I got some Brooks running trainers from sports shop in Paddington basin, they film you running on a treadmill wearing different types of trainers to see which one’s are best suited to your running style, as roadrunner has said, you get what you pay for, mine were about £90 but there were more expensive one’s.

I think a usual cost would be £80-£90. Get on a treadmill and they can see/film your running style/foot fall. I have Asics and they have been good for Beachy head marathons and road running etc…

Good luck!

Well, to me, reasonable is something in the £70 bracket. Now that my feet seem to have stopped growing I can actually spend decent money on shoes that will last me a long time and work.

But thanks for the advice. My old running trainers (which I loved) were the UK Gear Running Trainers which are now issued to PTI’s if I’m told correctly. Pity that the ‘General Purpose’ trainer isn’t quite so ‘general’…

My Saucony jobbies are good. Just got back in from my jog :slight_smile:

Get some shoes specially designed for running, its important. I think you should be able to get some decent ones for £60-70

Size 13 / 14!?!??! And you’re 16?! What the f*** do they put in school dinners these days?!?!

I’d have no idea, I always make my own lunches.

Oh, and I weigh 16 and a half stone. And I’m not fat. :smiley:

But the general consensus seems to be to go and get some specialist advice, so this is what I shall do!

I recently bought some running shoes from Lillywhites in Picadilly Circus. I got some Asics reduced to about 60gbp (no pound sign on this flippin yankee keyboard :angry:) Niketown in Oxford Circus will video you on the treadmll and advise on what type of shoe you need.

Sports Direct are also very cheap.

Christ! You are a tank!

Seriously though good running shoes are really important (particularly if you are big); I’d suggest a good look at New Balance who pride themselves on getting a really good fit (and make shoes with different width fittings).

You also need to understand your gait (pronation, supination neutral etc) to get the right shoe.


You can also go to runners needs, and they will do the same as Tiggi suggests. You will try out about 10 pairs, and they will be assessed on support and size

I’m about the same size as you Jamesy, I got a pair of Asics running shoes from Runners Need in Holborn. They did the pronation check with a video camera & treadmill and spent a decent amount of time pairing me with the right shoes. I’m very pleased with them so far.

haha, exactly what i was going to say… then i saw TDK had beaten me to it, how tall are you, do you even fit on a bike?? And you’re on a small one(correct me if you’ve done it already)… :D:D Hurry up with the DAS :w00t:

go runnersworld and get your running style checked out. I have a pair of brooks that were £90 and they are great. Im doing the marathon this year so clocking up some large miles and im still loving these shoes.

Try ‘Pro-Feet’ in Fulham.

They will carry out a strike test and video you running, then recommend the correct pair of trainers for your running style and will also make you a pair of custom-moulded insoles that offer your feet maximum support. They also offer free after-service for minor alterations to the insoles etc

I know you said you wanted to spend an average amount - but if you’re as heavy as you say you are and you intend on running even only fairly frequently, you WILL need the best equipment available to stop injuring yourself even more.

A little bit of money invested now will save you a lot in the long term i.e. from all the expensive physio you will need when your feet, ankles and knees give up for good becuase of the pounding you’ve given them wearing cheap-ass trainers.

Do it - you know you want to!

^^^ Wot he said.

I had bought trainers from sportshops for years, always following recommendations by the salesperson, who, of course, it generally being Saturday/Sunday, was totally unqualified.

My trainers were giving me such bad pains that my BMF instructor told me to stop running until I’ve been to that shop to get proper trainers. They put me on a treadmill, filmed my running in my old shoes and I was shocked to see I was running like a bloody duck! Then they got a selection of trainers and filmed me in those, and I could immediately see I was running much more smoothly and with my feet hitting the ground perfectly.

All that is free, and they recommend the best pair, not the most expensive one. Mine cost me £60, and even during my first run, I noticed the difference; I’ve been running painfree ever since. :slight_smile:

I do look rather out of place on my little GPR50… very topheavy with my six feet one inch, makes turning in at speed… interesting. Can’t tuck in behind the screen :wink:

DAS is to be booked as soon as I pass my theory which will be before March, then taking Mod 1 the weekend after my birthday (6th/7th March). I need me a big fat 600!

And thanks for the advice everyone, got myself an allotted time to pay a visit to ol’ London to check some of this out, let’s see if I can’t enjoy running more!

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