what do you guy’s think of the rukka gear, pants and jackets fit etc ?

Pricey but good

Very impressed with my jacket. The water proofing is far better than the HG that I had before. The goretex is bonded to the outer shell, so the rain doesn’t soak in and make the jacket heavy.

It is more comfortable, and the armour supplied is CE L2, added to that a 5 year guarantee.

crashes well too…:slight_smile:

I have the Rukka Steel - very pleased with it. Much lighter than my previous gear but no quite as warm. Knee armour takes a bit of getting used to as it extends down further.

Rukka stuff is decent, also try the Hein Gericke Master V suite just as good in my view and alot better value for money.

Well my Main Dainese Jacket is going to need replacing next year as it`ll be 4 years old and is starting to look a bit tatty, so im thinking about Rukka for a replacement. It seems to get Rave reviews, i shall start saving now…:smiley:


Ride magazine tested a load of textile gear last month and Rukka didn’t come out very well, didn’t pass the test for seam strength or something, you’ll need to get the mag to see the tests. Most of the cheaper suits were better and about a third of the price.

I read it too, good article

Yeah…so why does rukka gear feel soooo good to wear??? But i spose i’m biased cos i always restitch my seams with my sooper strong thread and cake the seams with g-wax:D and i wore my last rukka into the ground literally!and i never got wet once:P