Rukka Repairs?

After some sole searching, I don’t really want to spend £700 on a new rukka when the only real problem is a broken liner. Bike Stop in darlington have said they can repair this at what I think is a reasonable cost and return it to waterproofness.

Does anyone know of anyone closer before I ship it off to them?

Thanks in advance.

Nine Lives Leathers in Farnborough:

Despite the name they also do textile & Goretex work.

I’ve used them a few times for alterations & repairs over the years & they’ve never been less than excellent.

Thanks Pat, I saw this but the website put me right off!

But a recommendation for them defo helps.


Hideout Leathers do custom leather/textile suits and sell Rukka so no doubt they could … if fact they replaced all my velcro a year ago.

Hideout have been fixing my gear for years. They’ll be able to sort you out.

Nice ride too.

Is it a fully detachable Goretex liner worn inside the jacket? If so, it might be cheaper to replace it with any Goretex, or equivalent, jacket of the right size.

I’d be skeptical of such a claim. The Goretex membrane, the bit which provides the waterproofness, is laminated on at manufacture. It can not be re-applied. When these membranes fail it is usually caused by abrasion wearing the membrane away. If they are going to cut out the damaged bit(s) and sew new (Goretex) patches on, their seams will have to be taped for waterproofness. The taping machines cost thousands (I used to work for an outdoor equipment manufacturer). If not taped, the seams will leak.

I’ve spoken to 2 different places now and specifically asked will it make it water tight again and both said yes. I’m willing to take a punt at £65 of I’m adding another 0 to replace the jacket itself.

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Yeah, £65 is not much of a punt. I’d love to see pics of the repair, if you don’t mind posting them.

(£29 on a Sports Direct “Goretex” to wear instead of the liner, would be cheap :slight_smile: )

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No problem. I’ll upload the before and after once all sorted

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