RSV 2004

hey peps, ok so im thinking of the fireblade 04 or sp1 … BUT i have just remembered about the 2004 shape RSV and woooooo how sexy…

anyone got a idea on the bike IE as ridden one or own one.

though i do need to sell the CBR once i get the pannel replaced, sodding thing came of the paddock stand when i was cleaning but i manged to grab it on the way down.

Missing the curve of a v-twin stewboy?

Plenty of info in here on the bike:

Can also recommend Southern Cross MC’s opposite Kilburn tube as a dealer in the know.

ha ha i am yes

cheers ill have a look

I rode a 2006 model last summer when I was group testing some 1000cc bikes to decide which one to buy.

The RSV 1000 looked stunning…From the top yoke and clocks to the Ohlins front suspension.

Sitting on the bike, it felt taller than the other bikes (GSXR 1000 and R1) and stationary it felt slightly heavier, but on the move it would flick swiftly from side to side. Felt very agile and the suspension seemed right for the road. Not too soft or too stiff.

The Brembo front brakes were awesome giving real stopping power, but the rear brake was pretty useless. Didn’t seem to do much.

The motor was very smooth for a twin…Didn’t feel chuggy at all. The acceleration in any gear was phenomenal. It did seem that I was travelling slower than I actually was because the motor doesn’t scream like an inline 4. I accidentally was doing 70 in a 30 A bit dangerous for the licence.

I chose the R1 over the RSV was for the following reasons.

The tank seemed too long, meaning I felt like I was on a rack due to the stretch to the bars.

Hydraulic clutches mean more maintenance and I do the minimum required. Having to bleed the brakes and the clutch fluid…No…No…More importantly, the clutch master cylinder on Aprilias are not the best and may need regular attention unless you upgrade it to a better unit such as a Brembo.

Other issues regarding the speedo reseting the odometer and fuel hoses becoming loose or breaking up.

If you get a 2004 model, make sure the swingarm recall work has been done.

Old one looks like this

New one looks like this

Get an Evo airbox and get the ECU fuel map set to high performance map2 when you add some cans. Remus sound lovely. Akrapovics are most popular.

Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn is probably the best place in London for knowledge on Aprilias. Really nice guys down there.

I hope this lot has helped…The thing about the RSV and (I believe) a lesser extent the SP1, these bikes are a bit rare (you don’t see many at the Ace or Box Hill) and a bit special, but for not much money.

I will own an RSV at some point…Nuff said

thanks so much mate really good write up hmmm now what shall i do lol

If you’re still interested…

Check out Inmoto in croydon, lovely guys, know everything there is to know about Aprilias and have a couple of really nice 2004 Factory RSV’s at the mo.

Ask to speak to Cristian and tell him Rahim sent you and he’ll deffo look after you.


as afro did, testride them for yourself, you can read all the jive under the sun, but nothing at all beats your own experience.

e.g. People claim 916’s are hard to ride, yet I have never felt so at home on a bike, that was within minutes, not months, Fireblades are meant to be twitchy/slappy, I tried, but never got mine to misbehave. etc. etc.

cheers i will mate good to know