Royal Treatment

I just brought those and they are so comfy (once you’ve managed to get your feet in them:w00t:)


I’ve got mine mate and I’m struggling with them. Probably worn them less than a dozen times and not really that happy - felt ok to begin with.
They seem to hurt my ankles - must be me feet !?!?!?

Might have to pass them on for a few quid.

I really want these but they don’t make them for little feet like mine :frowning:

Where did you get them Frenchy?

I have a pair and other than a few one of the spines coming off (screw came loose) they’re great. Very comfortable on the bike but not good for walking around in.

Make sure you loctite all the screws asap and all should be well :slight_smile:

What size feet are you? I have them in a 6 and half.

they look nice, how do you get in them? zip on the side?

I got the 1000 v2 that supposedly resolved some of the issues they had with the first generation.

Hopefully, they will be fine. I have been walking around with then and they fell comfortable which is a miracle for me as most boots are killing me slowly but surely due to some funky shape feet (due to some classic dance I have done between the age of 5 and 15 - Westie don’t get any idea here. The answer is still NO!!! :wink: )

Online shop on fleebay but I went to their shop/warehouse in Swindon to try them on first…

kinda the same as my alpinestars, sept do up at the back… nice fred…

I have a set of Pumas too and great on the bike but walking around hurts my right ankle for some reason. I haven’t seen those ones before, I’ve got the winter gortex version.

I must say as much as they look nice they are not that comfy to walk in. My Alpinestars have been the best boots i have ever owned that give support look great and you can actually walk about in them for hours.

Size 5 hun, checked puma’s website and they don’t make them is size 5!!

they do these in girlie sizes Tig…

I’ve loved mine, comfiest (is that a word?) boots ive owned…

same here … cant find them in my size :ermm:

poutywombat (13/05/2009)

I’ve loved mine, comfiest (is that a word?) boots ive owned…[/quote]+1 agree! they are the best! :smiley: But i do like the look of those Puma’s, very cool! :wink:

still thinking of flogging them? If so, what size are they?:wink: