Let me know if i am in the wrong Topic bit but I have two important questions

Firstly whast the fastest way to get out of london (i mean into some sort of counrty side) when setting off from the waterloo area of london bearing in mind traffic, speed limits?? etc.

Secondly where are some decent raods to head around london, I went to the a23, a24, a25 round guildford and the like but wasn’t very impressed, any good suggestions.

Also if you could tell me where i could ask this questin to get best response it would be useful, cheers

not far from guildford you can pick up the a272 which is a good road or the a29 down towards bognor

The A29 is a gorgeous road…you can get to Arrundal Castle from there too! :cool:

The quickest ways out of the Waterloo area are probably through Battersea and Wandsworth to the A3 then pick up the A24 if going south, or, and others will know better than me, heading SE. Heading South towards Croydon is a big no no as far as I am concerned - there lies madness (and traffic!).

As for good roads, I like Esher turn off the A3 to Leatherhead, then A24 to Horsham then either A29, A281 or A272 depending on your destination.

+1 and the Black Rabbit pub on the river is always worth a visit :slight_smile:

A272 around Guildford aint bad :wink:

you shouldnt find it hard finding decent roads in surrey though, its full of them (oh how i miss living there!)

A29 good too, and you can stop off at Bury on the way :smiley:

or if you head out of Farnham, towards Midhurst direction, keep going, some nice roads, and brings you down towards Goodwood race track

We head out west a fair bit (live in SE1). If you are around early enough, you can get out through Chelsea along the river quite easily (gets busier later on, but you can generally filter - road is nice and wide). Then out towards the M4, but you can cut across to all the nice places around/between the M4 and M40. Henley, Cliveden, Marlow, Latimer, etc.

Also, we went on a fantastic day’s riding around Kent the other day. Can’t remember any of the roads (sorry), but we went out through New Cross and Lewisham, on the M20 to Wrotham, then off on little roads, eventually ending up at Hastings for lunch, and then back through Tenterden (and a lot of other little places I can’t remember the names of, but which were all lovely), met up with the M20 at about J6, I think, and then blast back to London. I was seriously impressed with Kent. Had always thought it was a bit dull, but I think I’d just not seen many nice bits of it before. Biddenden and Sissinghurst are also v nice. Postcard villages, cricket on the green, little pubs and cafes, etc, set on little windy A-roads. Good day out.