Rouge Trader Biker Rider

This about the TV programer…does that guy ride a cbr blackbird or some other bike? Just asking.

I think they have chopped the Blackbird in for a ZX-12 in the new series.

All i know is he is called Dan and is Spanish or a Portugeezer or something:cool:

Close, it’s the new ZX1400 he’s upgraded to. I was surprised to see Matt Allwright riding a Triumph Rocket III though tonight! That program’s brilliant.

Oops is it?:w00t: Them Kwaks all look the same to me;)

I saw him ride the electric scooter but missed the Rocket 3:doze:

I’ve not really looked at this bike before but it looks like a bit of a weopon:cool:

Are there any LBers that own a Kawa 1400?

Top bike for a top programme.

Did i mention i own a ZZR 1400 ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Is your name Dan Rikster?:wink:

If it is, i think i met you one time at a bike bay just outside the grovesnor casino on edgeware road, you were on a lovely sounding duke…

The guy Dan is from Portugal, i didnt know that Matt had a bike licence, i also think its a great programme.

or the ZZR 1400 even :wink:

I tried to keep it easy for myself, my name is Richard :hehe::smiley:

Only made it down to BMM once, with 3 other friends, all on kwakas.
Having to get up at 5am, i dont get the chance to do much during the week.:frowning:

I get confused :slight_smile:

At least you got the number right:Whistling: