Rotherhithe tunnel is closed for the next week or so

…hence me being back on the train until it opens again.

Tonnes of traffic on Commercial Road yesterday, it was like a dodgem ride. The blackwall was also chocca. Please take care everyone! I saw the remants of a Gixar yesterday on the A13 which belonged to a poor girl who was apparently squashed by a car. The policeman I spoke to said she was being taken to hospital ASAP.

That would explain why I had to filter all the way from the Danson Interchange until Tower Bridge this morning.

And do ya know, its fooking great!

Jamiaca rd is emptiest i have ever seen it, great for local traffic.

Them bloody tunnels ! they have been working on the blackwall for the last three years,from what i have read the work should have only taken a year but the contractors fucked it up,fill them all in and start again ,i dont think it took that long to build them in the first place,modern technology ,great isnt it !


Now open and new tarmac to boot.