Rotherhithe tunnel ... 20mph limit and overtaking discuss

Testing this route in preparation for the tower hill debacle later this year …

So its 20mph and seems a bit like tower bridge to me (average front facing cameras so not really targeting bikes)

Overtaking is forbidden (unbroken white line) and signs up …

But saying that  … has anyone got any experience of being done for speeding or overtaking in the tunnel on a bike  …due to the average speed there are times when gaps appear and you could make ‘progress’ safely albeit not entirely legally.

I don’t often take the tunnel but I’ve seen people crossing the line in Rotherhithe a few times, never bothered myself as the traffic is generally moving but heavy enough that you’d not get much benefit out of it.

basically if you are behind a moody smokey old van that you cant see past  … I ghost passed to sit behind the nice low prius … that i think is defendable m’laud

Wasn’t there a recent thread about the lines in tunnels not being subject to the same regs as on normal roads?

hang on what! average speed check Someone I know went through there on their bike a few nights ago his average is likely to be over 25 but defo under 30 is he now going to expect a NIP his door step?

well a friend of mine has been regularly doing more than 20mph over tower bridge (same set up) for the last year and has yet to have  NIP  …hoping the same for RH tunnel

Thanks Kris. I’ll let my friend know.

There’s a ex LBr that blasts through there at well above the speed limit and has never got a ticket.

I never really like that route. Jamaica Rd leading up to is is often snarled up and a bitch to filter through, the tunnel is frustratingly slow (rarely even get near 20mph) and fumes are dreadful in there. And yep, there’s the solid white which well, ermm, discourages overtaking…  Though I’ve certainly seen scooter folk bomb it along along the pavement in there before now!

TBH I’m not sure what route I’ll be taking when Tower Bridge closes, probably London or Southwalk Bridge and face the chaos on that side the river.

The tunnel can be a right bitch
In the summer if you get caught up in traffic your bike will overheat
I’ve never had a tug for speeding through it
The roads around it can be a man maker or turn you into a sitting duck
I do that route about 90% of my commuting
You either get used to it or find another route

North bound on London Bridge is awful at the moment it’s got a choke point at the north end of it unless you use the bus, then cycle lane.

Wasn't there a recent thread about the lines in tunnels not being subject to the same regs as on normal roads? Pat
For same way traffic i.e Blackwall, this is two way.

Ah! Can’t say I’ve ever used the Rotherhithe tunnel & this thread doesn’t lead me to think I’ve been missing out…

Going over Southwark bridge north then onto Tower Hill is a nightmare
If I use London Bridge northbound I always get through using parts if not all of the bus lane

It’s a good tunnel if you’ve got a fruity exhaust :wink: