Rossi woops everyone in 800 test!

Valentino Rossi has amazed the world by pushing his new 800cc Yamaha MotoGP bike to a faster time than his own 2006 990cc machine.

The former world champion rode both his 800 and 990 bikes in the same test on Wednesday at Valencia and incredibly went 0.4 seconds faster on the smaller machine. He also managed to beat the closest 800, John Hopkins’ Suzuki, by 0.44 seconds.

Toni Elias and Marco Melandri were the only two riders to sit between Rossi’s two times but both were on their 2006 machines.

Loris Capirossi and Chris Vermeulen both came home before the first Honda, piloted by Dani Pedrosa.

Newly crowned champ Nicky Hayden was a further three places down behind Casey Stoner and Alex Barros.

Unofficial times:

Valentino Rossi, Camel Yamaha 800, 1:32.70

Toni Elias, Gresini Honda 990, 1:32.73

Marco Melandri, Gresini Honda 990, 1:32.90

Valentino Rossi, Camel Yamaha 990, 1:33.10

John Hopkins, Rizla Suzuki 800, 1:33.14

Loris Capirossi, Marlboro Ducati 800, 1:33.17

Chris Vermeulen, Rizla Suzuki 800, 1:33.18

Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda 800, 1:33.21

Casey Stoner, Ducati Marlboro 800, 1:33.43

Alex Barros, D’Antin Ducati 990, 1:33.64

Nicky Hayden, Repsol Honda 800, 1:33.66

Jeremy McWilliams, Ilmor SRT 800, 1:35.80

Andrew Pitt, Ilmor SRT 800, 1:36.60

That’s odd the results I was put his 1 32.70 on the 990 and the 1 33.10 on the 800… You got a link to where those timings came from?

MCN matey, either way, cant wait for 2007!!!

ok got it… Just seemed odd that the results I got had the times the same but the bikes transposed

The Ducs were just holding back

Bring on March!

So how come Yamaha didnt race the 800 ? I guess it is not sorted and proven enough to risk, even for Edwards . . .

Assuming he could have stayed on it for the whole race and not just the first couple of laps, that would have been quite something; to win the 990cc championship on an 800cc bike, heh.

Really good times, can’t wait for 2007. Dorna must be kicking themselves.

LOL now now, dont be so cruel . . . . but, yes it would have been funny to win it on an 800. Funnier still to see the faces of the HRC staff realising that their one chance to steal a march on the opposition [going down from 990 to 800] had backfired . . .

HAHA, Yea the speeds will be up on all but the really long straight-away tracks.

All the latest is on the LB homepage in our news, with big pics…

Capirossi had already lapped faster than the 05 lap record at Brno (on the 800), it was only slightly short of his own 06 lap record.