Rossi v Ago: The TT Question

this aint the old which one is better question

lets just say for arguements sake that at the end of Rossi’s career the majority say he is on a par with Ago’s record and ability

does Ago’s record in the highly dangerous TT era swing the needle in his favour overall?

arf, just realised i played on his nickname in Italian by mistake :slight_smile:

MotoGP is so far removed from the TT these days.

I doubt if we will ever see another GP rider compete on the island purely on safety grounds.

I’m struggling to think of the last GP star who rode in the TT

(Foggy doesn’t count:P)

It depends on how you define GP star… I think the last person to race at the Island who won a 500GP/MotoGP in his career is Mick Grant… Chunky, any thoughts?

Oh, and the question is a bit unfair…Ago rode at the Island because he had to, not through choice…I think he was a member of the group of riders who lobbied to have the Island taken out of the GP circuit…along with Barry Sheene.

Quite possibly the last winner of both events.I’m thinking Rocket Ron, Graeme Crosby and Rob Mac but they weren’t GP race winners.

yeah he was one of the first to pull out

Did Sheen ever race in the TT?

i meant Ago was one of first to leave the TT for good
not sure if Sheen raced there?

Sheene raced there in 1971 in the production 250 and lightweight 125cc classes… two DNF…:slight_smile:

Well done that man:w00t:

He crashed badly at Quarter Bridge in the Lightweight and always hated it after that.:Whistling:

His famous comment was “I never saw the point of a meeting which lasted two weeks, on a circuit which took three years to learn”:smiley: