Rossi lean.

Elbows down… Great pic.

How on earth does he stay on that bike? :w00t:

whatta quality picture - i want the bottle to get down that low!!

talent, 2 million pound bike and bridgestone factory slicks helps :w00t:

Do you think they sell me this bike on 0% finance for the rest of my life? :smiley:

awesome pic…rarely see vale elbow down…

next step for me. question is is it possible on a 2.5k SV1000 with raod tires and tired suspension!?:w00t:


You’ll probably get your helmet down :stuck_out_tongue:

nah…im not stupid…i got the angle i just gotta work out how to maintian throttle control whiel postioning my arm/elbow:P

*picture whoring…again


Damn that looks like fun.

I’m still looking to get my knee down, I’m gradually getting there. One day, one day…

hes cheating by using the kerb! :stuck_out_tongue: kidding
g.o.a.t for sure, and hes funny unlike Ped-robo-sa

I can’t remember the specifics, but the race tyres they use are on a 16 inch rim and the profile makes for more rubber at the rim edge.

This helps MotoGP riders achieve lean angles up to around 53 degrees from vertical.

Of course, you also need balls the size of melons :w00t:

ask em if i can have a go:D

ps. my balls were like melons the other week, since have gone down a bit and not so purple:w00t::D:hehe:

Ratty I don’t want to know/hear about your balls mate :hehe:

Get a girlfriend to help…The colour and size will change after some attention. :wink:


was petrol tank meets balls episode!;):w00t: