ross here again

hiya all hope u all r ok .smile y u in a cast what u been up to.think u need to get a trike cant fall of then …any way just though i would let u know my leg is fucked might have to lose it from the knee down ill be finding out tomorrow when i go up the hosptial .in london .ill let u know what the out come is .ill try and get doen to the meet tomorrow night as well see how it goes at the hosptial if i can get a leg like heather mills ill be happy .ride safe and be safe people

Good to know you’re spirit is strong Mr! Keep ya head up;)

Good god! Have spend a while reading through the old messages. You have my sympathy and hope that they don’t have to remove the leg. Best of luck for tomorrow.

Mate praying that the apmnt goes well…

shlt news there fella, i know a few pepes with artficial limbs and to tell ya truth they do ok and yeah them legs are top technology.Hard to know wot to say, just keep ya head up m8.

ya can still ride bikes with 1 leg.:wink:


good luck Ross, let us know how you get on :kiss:

Hi ross, good to hear from you, good luck with your appt tomorrow x

Hi Ross, best of luck tomorrow, hope all goes well for you


Haven’t met you Ross, but good luck for tomorrow.

Good to hear from you, and hope everything goes well for you tomorrow.

Good luck for tomz fella