Roof helmets

What are peoples thoughts on Roof helmets? A few years ago they seemed to explode onto the market as a cheap alternative to having a full face flip up helmet but you dont see many of them around now that the price of flip up helmets has fallen.

I think they look cool still, fit well, good brand! Both the boxer and desmo are brilliant :slight_smile: IMO

will never buy 1 again seeing as the last 1 cracked when fell from my bike, yes silly thing to do but as said the shell cracked and was from 2 foot at most.

got a pick somewhere will post when I find it.

may not look bad but believe me when I say the shell is cracked not just the top layer of paint.

I would have kicked off about that Choprocker, ok it was dropped but they are tested from a greater height than 2 foot.

I tried m8 but could not find anything direct linking to roof, found the distributors though and the offered me 10% of a new helmet, you can guess what my reply was, lol

Jokers mate, i am the distributor for Bandit helmets so if you fancy one of them give me a shout, LB members get 10% discount as standard.

So you put a post up for a bit of free advertising. Cheapskate:angry:

Well at least he’s being consistent! :slight_smile:

I have offered a discount so its not exactly free advertising and consistancy is the key.