Roof helmet stockists

does anyone know any roof helmet stockiste in this ere london?

cheers, John

This lot are on the Kings Rd:

Or if you fancy a trip slightly further afield, then Bykebitz in Yately (near Camberly) are good to deal with:

Nice well made lids, I had one a few years back but having to unscrew the visor to take it off proved a little too retro for me!

If you are going for a Daytona type roof lid:

In my opinion the peripheral vision on the Daytona is shite - the visor opening doesn’t go round far enough - leaving you with a disconcerting blindspot when you do a lifesaver - check this out if you are trying one on.

Just my personal impression from having used one. I don’t use it anymore.

I should have got the Boxer instead . . .

Check out Gorgeous Bikes on Kings road Chelsea - he stocks Roof lids I think.

i had them listed, cheers, i want a roadster cos want open face but with a tight visor and they fit the bill, had 1 yrs back.

…you can try on the Kings Rd or even purchase it online: roof boxer v8 lids.
usually on kings rd they don’t have all the sizes/colors in stock.

I think I saw a few at Bill hymn in ealing . You would need to phone and check cos maybe it just looked similar .

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cheers people got 1 now from gorgeous bikes

Nice one.

The guy who runs the place is a real charachter - nice to go to a shop with a bit of individuality and not some corporate clone type of a place. :slight_smile: