Rogue Trooper

I bought this at xmas and still not played it. Have any of you and if so, is it anything like the mag? And is venus in it? Is there any ABC warrior cross over… dammnit, I waited so long for this to come out… I can’t bring myself to play it incase it’s an anti-climax :w00t:

Lol I bought Hitman: Blood Money when it came out last year and didn’t play it until this year for similar reasons.

Although it was also because my internet connection still hadn’t transferred to my new house so I couldn’t play City of Villains.

Didn’t answer your question though… I’ll get my coat :wink:

I’m a massive 2000ad fan (i have all the mags from issue 1)

I was not disappointed it very good,

Venus is in a cut sceane at least once as i can rember

No abc warriors mind

Don’t you mean PROG s? :wink:

Mine was Prog 159 with Brian Bolland Dredd cover! This link is cool (no 159 though :frowning: )
Thanks for the recommendation, this will have to line up behind GTA VC (nearly finished) The Warriors & GTA SA.

yes i mean progs :stuck_out_tongue:

smart arse

smart arse = pedant :wink: