Rode to Hever Castle

The BMW GS’ hadn’t been used for a while on a rideout, so we corrected that by going for a ride to Hever Castle via some very nice windy backroads all the way, thanks to the Calimoto app.

It was bloody hot, so wore ventilated trousers and just my off-road armour. Spent much of the ride standing up on the pegs for the airflow heh. Love GS’…

Low tyre pressure, poor turn-in detected. Need AIR!

Found a nice view over Surrey/Kent from the North Downs. Great view.

It was at this point that we regretted being out in bike gear in mid-day sun, so called time on the visit and got back on the bikes for some airflow!


Was this a day trip or part of a tour? (Looks like you have luggage or does that stay there all the time)

Just a day trip. The bag stays on the back of my bike most of the time. It’s a cheap top box :crazy_face: