Rode my new bike to work today

Sadly just a pushbike…legs not too bad considering. Wonder how long I can keep it up?

This morning I went through Home Park (near Hampton Court) and couldn’t work out if the big male deer that were eyeing me up, saw me as competition or a potential conquest! (It’s rutting season apparently)

So if you hear of a cyclist humped to death…:w00t:

Would be a hell of a way to go I suppose. :slight_smile:

Were you wearing your antler hat again?

Mate, this one deer had antlers that were bigger than me…and that’s big!

He gave me the eye and it was like - I could have you, if I want :kiss:…and I looked at him and thought he probably could too :sick:

Well, it’s nice to have options. :hehe:

A good incentive to start pedalling faster;)

Or Not:w00t: