There’s been a big fight in the biscuit tin. A Bandit called Rocky, who was Crackers, hit a Penguin over the head with a Club, tied him to a Wagon Wheel with a Blue Riband+ made his Breakaway in a Taxi. Police say Rocky was last seen just After Eight by a Viscount from Maryland, Hobnobbing with a Ginger Nut, + 2 accomplices, one known as Gary Baldi, + the other known only to the Police as Rich T. Unfortunately they dont have a Crumb of evidence. So the Jammie Dodger might get away with it !:smiley:

Rob this diet is making you a bit odd - hallucinations about biscuits - what next!!! :w00t::w00t:

I know:w00t::w00t::smiley:

Crumbs, you’re going mad!!! :smiley:

You poor thing Rob…stay strong, we’re all here for you… dont look into the light:D or the biscuit tin :smiley:

Ha ha, love it:D