Rocky Horror

Its astounding, time is fleeting,

and I need to get hold of some bits to complete my Eddie costume,

To expain Hamsterbiker and I are goign to see the stage show next week and we are gonna dress up, to complete by eddie costume I need to borrow and old P**s pot style helmet (german wwII style would be best) any one know where I can get hold of one?


Got to any army surplus store they should have lots in there. It will obviously be green but if you wanna change the colour buy a can of spray paint. Nice and cheap jobs a goodun!

There is a store right by me…

I,ll check the prices for you this afternoon…least I can do.

will phone you later !!.

Ebays got em ( plastic ) for £15…

I wanna go!!! Maybe we could organise an LB ‘outing’ hehehe

I love the rocky horror show!! I went to see it recenlty in the west end and i still know all the words, lol. Wasn’t brave enough to dress up though

This time I am going as Eddie when I was younger and much much slimmer i did go as frankenfurter, sadly no pictures exist. am checking out the plastic ones on eaby and Barro is braving the elements to see what the ones at the surplus store are like.

Get thee to Camden…if you can’t get hold of it there then it doen’t exist!

Oh and go in costume so you’ll blend in

You are a low down cheap little PUNK!

Who needs a show to dress up

Stop giving away my secrets !!

if you go to JJb sports theyve still got the german pisspot style st.georges hats from the world cup for 50p, you could just spray it black?? nice and cheap!
they definately had them in staines JJB last week.

If you could blag a saxaphone for the evening ( with straps ) that would really add to the whole look…

Barro has deon me proud, albeit he didn’t actually buy a helmet, but he did as promised and went and had a look £600 odd for a wwii helmet is a bit much though!

May just take an inflatable saxaphone.