Rockingham Intl sat 21st may £109 with No Limits

Just booked this with Susie so wondering if anyone else has booked/fancies joining?

Is this is the one where if you book the Friday superbike circuit too it is only £189? It looked like a good deal if you could do both.

There is a double saver option yes. We’re just doing the sat

Nuts my mate is getting married that weekend, bloody weddings…

I’m sure he could rearrange.

Didn’t he check the trackday calendar first? Most inconsiderate of him :wink:

I can’t believe the audacity of some people…

Oi. where was my heads up ? :O(

Sorry dude, I’m trying to keep a lot of plates spinning at the moment.

Can u make it?

probably not :frowning:

come on i only took you to Cadwell once :wink:

i remember it well, the r1 still has the war wounds to show for it :wink:

I’ve just booked for Saturday! Left booking it a bit late for inters so I’m in the Novice group

so rockingham is an interesting circuit. thought it was pretty fun and very different feel to the other bigger tracks. The hairpins are a bugger for sure.

in fact so much so that Susie went down on Tarzan (couldn’t resist the phrasing given the name of the corner!). ironicially this was just after she had her suspension set up so perhaps she went into the corner a bit over confident. she didn’t ‘think’ she was going to make it round and ran out to the grass after the apex and prob still even had the front brake on. bike lost a foot peg (which i sorted from the pillion footrest) and the paintwork is a bit shabby chic on that side now although unbroken. she got a bit of brusing but otherwise no dramas

to be fair there were a hell of a lot of crashers on the day, mostly at that corner and the other hairpin. think every session in inters was red flagged, as were pretty much all of the novice ones. not sure on fast but do know that there was at least one epic high side from one bloke getting out of the chicane onto the banked straight

I was there in the novice riding a blue and white GSXR600K7, Saw the very tail end of her fall - then saw her later in the paddock with an amazing smile trying to sorting out the peg getting ready for getting back out there - truely inspirational!!!

Fun day, weather was great - shame about the flags and the delays from other groups - but it can’t be perfect every time. Had a great day with a good laugh with some familiar faces, looking forward to the next one.

gave her a boost reading that mate. thanks

Sorry to hear that Suzie came off, but everyone needs a few :slight_smile: glad all OK and she could get back out there.

Rockingham is a strange one, took me a while to get confident on the hairpins for sure, and the change in surface is unsettling. Shame this is the only regular weekend trackday…