rockingham 2010

I dont know where to start. Such a perfect day, couldnt of gone better, apart from those who crashed out…

We had perfect weather, great track time and fantastic people there. Every session was great. Dont like to blow my own horn but i upset alot of big bikes and men on my little 400. Lapped a few and duffed many up. I was born to do this.

addictive aint it :smiley:

Looking good Stacie:P

Nice one chick :slight_smile:

Looking good.

Great pictures.

Well I’ll have to ask my neighbour why he wasn’t in the fast group. :slight_smile: He’s on the bike 333 behind you.

Great Pics Stace (still a hooligan). :smiley:

He was in the fast group but he just went in with our group on one of the sessions to film us doing some laps. Notice the camera gaffa taped to his helmet :smiley:
Apparently he was on my back wheel for 3 laps…I didnt notice! Poor guy…must have been boring for him (following me I mean, not Stacy)

Nice Pics :smiley:

wow looks like fun, I have to do that.

Looking very good, young lady. WSB next year?

any more? :stuck_out_tongue: