Rockingham 14th March

LOL +1 i was following that butt too :smiley:

I saw her fall off at the hair pin, it was weird as she had made the corner but then decided to go straight on:w00t:

Shame we didn’t meet up as it would of been good to all go out on the track.

I think i was behind you in session 3 (check out on my youtube vids ‘DANGMOW168’ 4min 5s is that you?

You passed me going very slowly in the 4th session way out to the left…either that was just after I soiled myself with the oil incident (it was just before there and I was stressing about oil on the tyre) or I am really really really slow! lol

I remember seeing your bike, I think you were lined up alongside me waiting to go out for one of the sessions as I distinctly remember the Yoshi decals, if I’d have realised I’d have said hello. :smiley:

Yup, its a major draw back when u hit some oil, u just loose confidence in the tyres, better safe than sorry though, slow down and wear it out :smiley:

I hit the same patch after Vala did, bloody cement dust was everywhere :hehe:

Yup, i remember ur leathers now :smiley:

I’m doing rockers again on the 28th (£89 with No Limits), last time its this price coz after that it £109, then £119 and so on…:w00t:

I was also in the novice group Sunday, was a good day.
Anyone doing mallory on the 9th April?

what bike were you on Tom?
might look into Mallory on the 9th. i’m off to Mallory tomorrow. still places available in the novice and advance group if anyones interested? its via no limits.

Black zx6r, blue leathers. I was stood next to you when you arrived.

Ah! i remember! :smiley:

It was getting cold so we moved into a Paddock :slight_smile:

Does anyone have access to any photos of the event. They don’t seem to be on the britishsportphotography website yet

yep, i remember too. i wish i had known. take it you rode there as well?

Yep I rode. Can’t find myself in any of those videos. But I remember you two flying past a few times

Yeah, it takes a week for them to load them up :smiley:

Yep, that’s me, I’m also in the Session 1 vid from about 4m 40s onwards until I bugger up the hairpin, go wide and you go underneath me as we exit onto the start/finish straight! :pinch:

Great vids though, watching myself avidly to see what I get right and more importantly wrong! :smiley:

Yeah, i was very cautious on the 1st/2nd sessions as i just had a new front put on :w00t:
Had a few slides from the front in the 1st session, to eager to go fast when the tyre hasn’t been scrubbed in :smiley:

was a great day, sorry if i duffed up you big boys lol Pics are in picture section :smiley:

cool pics,

got me in one of them :slight_smile:

i met you at the start of the day… through mates of mates.

Funny as i had no clue you were from the site, didnt realise so many others on the thread were there too.

I assume you were looking at the James Toseland autograph…

Nope, he was trying to look past your Hugh Jass to see when the next corner was coming up!! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to catch up the cute girl in the leathers, that was my incentive to go faster :smiley:

Yeah yeah…just cos you cant touch this!