Rockingham 14th March

All booked for 14th March Rockingham (inters) see you all there:D

Status lights for Novice/Inters are on yellow so i couldn’t resist the temptation, the force is strong! :slight_smile:

Good to see you guys and sorry for leaving without saying goodbye; my mate’s bike had started to leak coolant so we left early to nurse it home. Got back fine, but missed last couple of sessions. Great day otherwise! See you at Lydden May 18th maybe?

good to see you again Sceats. Me and Jason were wondering where you mate was when it was the inters session. he mentioned the coolant started leaking when he was waiting to go on. hopefully the bike gets sorted and is good as new in no time, doesn’t seem to be any reason why it shouldn’t:)
who is the track day with Lydden Hill with?

It’s started seeping coolant as we lined up to go out, which luckily someone saw otherwise the whole track would’ve been covered. He sat out the session and I had a not v great one; think seeing him lowside and the general carnage that ensued at the hairpin in the slot before lunch gave me cold feet. Opted to ensure he got back ok without spilling his radiator all over the M1, as had I been in the same position I wouldn’t have wanted to head off solo with a mangled bike. Fortunately next one is Anglesea in April with (apparently) is a much grippier track, so fingers crossed.

Lydden is run by the track itself – just rign them up to book a place. £100 so good value, and a nice little track. Maybe see you in May?

No worries Sceats, hope ur mate got back alright!
Good thing was his bike wasn’t that bad :smiley:

Hope to see you again!

I’m back a rocky on the 28th March if the weather holds :smiley:

i had a great day…shame i didnt meet any of you guys.

Next time:)

what bike where you on weeman?

It was a great day.
Shame I rode straight along the oil at the back of the track…I was stupidly looking for something like a puddle of oil as I thought it was from a crash. Lost the front (bars went light and turned right to the stop) but miraculously then just straightened up and carried on as though nothing had happened. :w00t:

What bikes were you on?

In Novice group!

Was on a Red/Black R6 - Black lid, Vala was on a Black R6 - white Lid

Which group was you in?

indeed it was a good day.
I was on a graphite R6 riding in white leathers in the novice group. what group were you in?

Nonsense and I were also in the novice group, I was on a blue/white GSXR SRAD and wearing a white Shoei lid with a dark blue Suzuki fleece, Nonsense was on a black CBR600F with a black/red/white Alpinestars jacket…

Is this you being duffed up by Tatooist750chick on her 400?!? :wink: :smiley:



In the novice group looking very similar to my avatar :slight_smile:

Sorry not to meet you guys; was in inters on a red & silver ‘blade. Black leathers, silver helmet. Next time!

Might have you on my Bullet Cam see my vids on youtube ‘DANGMOW168’ :smiley:

Did anyone see that girl on the Honda NC400 (Repsol Stickers i think)?
She kept running off at the hair pin, poor girl

lol. yeah thats me on the R6…must have been an early lap in the session hence me taking it easy:P lol. where did you get the pics from? they don’t seem to be up on british sport photography yet.

and here’s another pic with Tattooist750chick on here 400

I did yes, I was following her and the marshall quite early on in the day on a couple of occasions as I was trying to follow his lines, he was taking them correctly while shadowing her even if she wasn’t, trouble is I nearly followed her onto the grass in the first session due to watching them both too closely! :w00t:

Must have been the small butt in the tight leathers that did it, she was rather cute I thought! lol :wink: :smiley:

She did come off altogether later in the day when she overshot on a corner, had a very low speed off in the end, I think the bike just fell over when it came to a standstill on the grass/gravel (I didn’t actually see it)?!?

I did feel sorry for her as she seemed to be trying but obviously needs plenty of practice to get her control/confidence sorted.

Oh yeah, early in the day, tyres still cold, that old chesnut! lol :wink:

She’s very quick on that little 400, she went under me at the hairpin, I stuck to her back wheel along the start finish straight and by the next two corners she was gone! :w00t:

The pics were taken by a friend of hers who came to watch.

go on stace!!

she did the massive proud im told:D

glad you guys all had a good day, great weather for it! im hoping to do rockingham soon:)

this is me on my bike (different trackday in this pic)…

was in the novice group too on sunday.

had an great day