Rocket Ron & Leon Haslam

Good interview with the Haslams in today’s Indie.


My favourite pearl of wisdom: “it doesn’t matter how long you live, if you’re doing what you want then it’s a fulfilled life. You can live to be 100 but, if you never love what you’re doing, you’ve never really lived.”

I’ve been dead a long, long time.

Very interesting article - and agree thats a cracking quote…do you know anyone who’s been on the haslam race school? would be interesting to see what they thought of him (and the school!)

Been tempted to do the race school a few times but always put off by the price: £300+ IIRC for a half-day.

I went a couple of months ago and thought it was great. You get to see Ron & Leo and loads of people were chatting away with them and asking for advice.

The school pairs you up with just one other rider and if they’re crap then you get to take the lead and taz around with the instructor - they’re good like that - they want you to enjoy the day and make the most of it. The only downside was the rain! They’re kit was OK too - although i used my own as I felt more comfortable with it.