Roadwork cones

ive noticed a hell of a lot of roadworks happening in london atm and keep finding stretches of road blocked with traffic and reduced down to one lane. i dont want to sit in the freezing cold so i take a quick look around for the plod and then go around them and nip back in where possible/before a car comes the other way

i imagine its illegal to go round them right??

Yes, and if it’s the same policeman that stopped you for jumping the lights…good luck.

not good idea …

tiose cones are there for a reason not only to warn you that there is a work site ahead but also to protect the people like myself who have to work along the roadside with live traffic flowing only a few feet away from them to earn a wage and these cones show our safe area and to turn round and suddenly see a vehicle breach this area annoys the hell out of me …

Or in my case as i am generally up a tree that the area is there to protect you from branches following the laws of gravity after being rudely detached from their tree … as well as my ground staff who have to wear Protective Ear Muffs so do not have the benefit of Normal Hearing around them so would not be able to hear an approaching vehicle thats not meant to be where it is …

Sorry Rant over just annoys me that people tend to forget that the other sid eof those cones are people trying to earn a living and the amount of casualties and injuries within workforces caused by people not heeding the warnings giving by the signage for that site …

Not always.

I’ve very often seen roadworks where there isn’t a living soul above, beside or anywhere near the cones - hi-vis or not.

Of course I’m not condoning the flouting of traffic laws, but I can feel the OP’s frustration when there is a perfectly good piece of road that has been cordoned off, but isn’t being worked on etc yet.

I see both sides of the argument here. The law would only see one though, so there you have it. Not worth it.

Might I suggest selling the bike and buying a cage?

the place im talking about is the junction at manor house going towards seven sisters. not a soul about now for 2 days!

i already have one thanks :stuck_out_tongue: no chance of me taking that to work everyday

Tube, bus? :wink:

yeah **** right :smiley: