ROADTRIP! planning help

So my boss is racing at Spa end of June and he’s invited me along. I’m going to head down a couple of days after not to interested in watching free practice etc!

Any advice on nice routes there? look on google maps I could run the border of france/belguim and go through the “parc naturel reginal de l’avesnois” but any advice appreciated or route you may have which I can upload to my prat nav.

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Highly recommend the area around Givet and Monthermé just north of Reims. Going back there next week.

I’m looking at it and thinking now, might add another day and swing into Luxemburg on the way home.

Pop over to Germany and ride the Ring :slight_smile:

looks like could be an awesome route. I want to try to get Bouillon in which is further along… Oh the decisions.

I was using forkut last night to plan a route, have to say the map overlay is a bit shite (or maybe i’m too used to google maps)

Love too, but I just don’t think I’m going to be able to squeeze that in as well

Here are a few routes I have.
The first one is one a mate knocked up, it goes through Givet, which as me_groovy said is great 1st 80 miles are MWay, then its twisties.

I have attached some more routes I downloaded from ride mag, they all seem to do the 1st few miles on MWay, as far as I know its pretty boring close to the tunnel (perhaps someone else can disprove?) better to knock out a few mway miles, then it gets good.

Once you get near spa it gets great, cant really go wrong around there.

After Lille you can leave the motorway and take the parallel road via Tournai to Mons, it’s a quiet road and much better than the motorway, then go to Givet via Philippeville and Beaumont. I’ve done this route many times and it’s very good. Beaumont is a good place for a break, there are usually a few bikes parked up and some good cafes. Givet is also a good place to stop. If you’re planning an overnight stay there is a good campsite in Tournai.

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Thanks tiger, I’ll redo have a look at this. I think the route is starting to come together, defo adding givet to the journey. Will look at Beaumont as that stop off

There’s a good bend on the way into Beaumont as well!

ok so routes are pretty much planned now. So on to things I need to take, I’m not the worlds best Mechanic but do know my way around basic bits. Anyone recommend this or something similar?

Looks as good as any. Cable ties and duct tape are always handy and some disposable gloves. A can of get you home foam can get you out of a tight spot too.

As joby says, good starting point…I have one like that but added a few extra items.

You don’t want to be too heavy, but make sure you have socket / spanners that fit the common things like foot pegs, cables, leavers, fairings should they need tightening etc.

If you are going to check the bike over before you go, use the tool kit, make sure the tools actually fit. That little ratchet looks great but will it fit to tighten a leaver say

Take a spare pair of handlebar levers in case you drop the bike and one breaks.

Consider taking a puncture repair kit and 3 CO2 bottles of gas. A headtorch can be very useful too.

Take your holey socks, rancid underwear and worn out t-shirts, discard them as you go and hey presto you have plenty of room in your luggage for all those continental delicacies! (Does this sound like a Viz top tip?)


Tigercub’s advice is great. I do that every time I tour.

Bring spare keys. Spares of everything, bike, padlock, front door. Keep all the spare keys together but separate from the other keys, ideally in a pocket that you don’t usually use. And keep them on you at all times, just in case you drop your bike key down a drain whilst you’re out. Also good if you’re bike jacked, you can be seen to throw the keys away.

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Good advice.

I put my spare key around my neck.

Do you really want to have a bunch of pointy metal objects inside of your protective gear in the event of an accident?