Roads That Make You Cream - Saturday 14th May

That’s right,

He said it… “cream”. :w00t:

Ever ridden down a road that gives you wood? Me too…

SO in an effort to agglomerate riding and good roads with good company, I have decided to conjure up a ride round some of the best roads I’ve ridden.

The details:

150 miles

Leaving from:
American Golf Car park/Shell Garage, Ace of Spades roundabout, Hook, Just off the A3…

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I’m getting there for 10:00, we **WILL ** be leaving at 10:30…

Why Saturday? Two reasons: 1. less sunday drivers, 2. so we can still go on other rideouts planned for Sunday, such as wishing Ms J a happy belated birthday!

Fast paced - so no slowcoaches :smiley:
A slight bit of motorway on our way back into London - so no L plates - sorry :frowning:
No nobbers
No Harleys
People who hit cats are more than welcome… :hehe:
People who complain about shit are not. I am the complainer round here! :wink:

Maybe using a corner-man, depending on how many people are interested…

Weather looks like it’s gonna hold, so hopefully we’ll be blasting round some twisties before we know it! :smiley:

All the best


seriously no takers yet?! :w00t:

I’m tempted, all depends if I go out on the sauce the night before :w00t:


I would be up for it but I’m a nobber. If you could bend the rules I’m there :slight_smile:

its sooooo weather depending, it looks like saturday is shower time, i’m still not sure about sunday either,
given its MY birthday i seriously hope the weather would grace me of at least one of the two! :angry:

ps. dude you should frame that picture, the petrol was still under a pound a litre…oh happy days :crying:


Hmm you just reminded me I never heard anything from that camera on the A3 a couple of weeks ago!

On the topic of tickets - what happened with the car that was pretending to be your car?

I got the tickets cancelled (and the language in the letter like they were doing me a massive favour every time), then I got a letter from the police saying the case had been closed as ‘there was insufficient evidence’. The fact I’d sent photographic evidence of a crime being committed was apparently not enough…

Anyway, luckily the guy stopped driving around with my plates so the tickets stopped coming!

if its fine weather im up for this mate. 99p a litre, im filling up there as well. :smiley:

I’m up for this! …Heavily dependent on the Friday night induced coma though.

Is it even still on if he’s smashed his bike up?

Might be able to sort something out by Saturday.

I’m sure someone will take it for me… cough cough LEON cough… seeing as i might have taken theirs when they were off the road :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully though I’ll have it all fixed again

All the best


Damn! Just spotted that post in General Chat.

Sorry to hear that Chris, hope you’re out of hospital soon and back on two wheels again. :wink:

Was going to continue in similarly compassionate tone to the last post and say “yes, but that wasn’t his own fault” …but his bike did get stolen because he left the key on the wall next to it…so yeah, never mind :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S Hope you’re ok xXx :smiley:

It’s a no-go

Sorry guys

Postponed till i sort my bike…