Road trip!!!!

How cool is this I have been requested to go back to the club in Blackpool my only trouble is my car bless it dropped the cam belt so all I have is the Firestorm :smiley: 230 miles of fun here I come.

O and a sqaure rear tyre :frowning:

Not if you weave in and out of the traffic all the way:w00t::w00t:

Have a safe one:)

Excellent! Enjoy the trip…a little slalom-ing of cages or white lines on the pavement should round your tire off nicely.

nice! have fun

ride carefully dude! mind you, Blackpool will hear you coming with those cans your bike has. :cool:

Hi hey you long time how is Chuffster doing I hope all is well, the mrs put the photos from Brands hatch on face book last week, I still remember those yummy sausages you brought down looking back at the photos you would not think it was 6c out there looks like summer. :smiley:

Anyone fancy the ride up :w00t: got room for people in the flat upstairs

When you off? Have connections in that part of the world. My old man lives in a village just south of the lakes. Have been putting off a trip for some time,that journey can be pretty mindnumbing,especially if it’s raining & your’e on your own. Cat & mouse definately goes some way to help relieve the tedium.
Usualy do M40 - M6 Toll - M6. 2 fuel stops.

My mate has a Firestorm with Micron end cans, I can never hear my Akropovic on a ride with him.

I will be riding up from Cambridge saturday morning bit of a funky route but ya gotta love the M6 toll road super smooth and quite, I always ride with ear pluggs on long rides cant hear nowt after (wind noise)

Matey, how about a few doughnuts? would that round up the tyre…

the offer of blackpool is nice, but I know you’ll take advantage of me once we’re in the flat… just like last time, you old dog! lol!

Did someone saw facebook?


Yeah the ear plugs are a must, that wind noise for 4 hours drives you a bit loopy, you’ll need to preserve your ears if you’re dj ing. I usually find humming Felix Da Housecat’s Trippin On a Tip keeps me sane.

The M6 Toll is fantastic, it was rumoured that they were going to put speed cameras on it because of the abuse, must be those boy racers in Subarus. bikers are just to law abiding.

If I go, I’m traveling up from S.E. London, so might be a bit difficult to co-ordinate.

M6 toll…if its a private road can they actually enforce a speed limit…

I would love to come to Blackpool am a Gold member of the Blackpool Tower ballroom…could go and do a bit of me old quick step and foxtrot then meet up for a bit of house…no R&B though sends me to sleep…

And drop into see mum and dad on the way up…in stoke hmm tempting…but likely not going to be able to…have a good trip