Road rash from 30mph off

Not nice. Hurts, too. Think about that the next time it’s too hot for a jacket.

is that last pic the top of your head???

You forgot to take your earplugs out !


@Flatout: no, that’s my shoulder. I was wearing my lid, which saved my life. The scratches on it tell a story.

@Trojan: yeah hehe well sue me i live on a busy road and needed a lie down.

Ha ha … I sleep with them on the odd occasion too mate, esp when I’m on nights and the council etc decide to dig the road up for the umpteenth time !

OUCH sorry about the off mate, thats gonna sting!

What happened?

Never mind the earplugs, whats with the Norwegian flag in the background ?

Eww! Time for an air-mesh jacket mate!

Your having no luck at all dude…

You,ll find me in Liberties Bar in Camden High Street this weekend…come over and I,ll buy ya a beer to cheer ya up a bit !!

@ Da Artist: read all about it here:

@ kao5: my girlfriend’s Norwegian and she insists on staking her claim in our place

@ Barro: sounds like just what I need today, where about on CHS is this bar and when exactly are you gonna be there? I need to have a cold one and commiserate with some people who are no strangers to bike trauma g

Liberties in in the middle of the High Street…right opposite Woolworths and I,ll be in there around 4.30pm today.

Come on over and have a Birthday Pint on me …or maybe a little more than just the one !!

“@ kao5: my girlfriend’s Norwegian and she insists on staking her claim in our place [Smile]”

Aha, guessed it was something like that, I’m a fellow sufferer you see…still, at least you usually get a white xmas when you go off to see the inbreds, sorry, inlaws

dropping like flys i can belive it how many more

feel your pain dude, literally. hope it heals up soon

so was this an on bike with no jacket off then . seen so many people out with just t-shirts and no gloves ect,. my neighbour goes out in shorts sandals and a helmet. cant understand the mentality myself have these people never even just fallen over walking let alone cycling. . i just dont get it. heal up and learn if that was the case .

Sorry to hear of your off - hope you heal up quickly (lots of vitamin c!).

I dropped the fazer a couple of years ago trying to avoid a pedestrian that had run out between 3 lanes of traffic at Warren Street (outside the old capital radio tower, where the road narrows from 3 lanes to 2).

I was going about 20-25mph and this was my roadrash, through armoured cordura leggings:

It’ll be sore for a few days but then should look worse than it feels pretty quickly…


Ouch! Was considering taking the leather jacket off, but always too scared, won’t do it!

Owwwwwwwwww mate that looks sore! Beer is defnately needed! Hope you heal soon.